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Good audiobook for a long drive. It will hold your interest and keep you awake!

The Accident (Hardback) - Common - by Chris Pavone

When the story begins, two young men, Charlie and Dave, are involved in a murder. Charlie’s father works for the CIA and they enlist his help in a cover-up. As time passes, the two are very successful in a business partnership. Charlie has even higher ambitions and has engaged in even more unscrupulous behavior, over the years.  When Dave learns of the conspiracy to keep all his wrongdoings secret, he decides to disengage from Charlie, but Charlie will not let him go. He was a witness to the murder, all those years ago, and he does not want to take the chance that he will talk to assuage his conscience. When his worst fears are realized and a manuscript surfaces exposing Charlie’s corruption and that of various government agencies, the conspiracy broadens. Charlie wants it stopped and he will stop at nothing to do just that.

The novel becomes a roller coaster ride of intrigue. This audiobook was perfect because it held my interest over a long distance, but boy it was hard to keep track of all the characters popping up. The tale kept switching back and forth from one to another in time and place, from Manhattan to London to Paris, and the characters were not developed well enough to be that memorable. Yet they were all integral parts of the plot. Each of the characters, especially the females, seemed to have a personal problem that made them a little dysfunctional and needy. The men were more or less portrayed as weak and mercenary. They were all motivated by the need to succeed and would do whatever was necessary to achieve that goal. 

At times it was very hard to figure out who were the good guys and who were the villains. Danger lurked everywhere as various characters were stalked and eliminated. As one disappeared, another was introduced and I was often stumped as to the role the new character was playing; sometimes they seemed familiar, but at other times it took a while to place them back into the narrative. The switchbacks from character to character, forward and backward in time, from geographic locale to geographic locale, were just too confusing. Also, there was too much unnecessary gratuitous sexual innuendo which had no significant relevance and was distracting.

In conclusion, the reader seemed to read in one voice, not fully identifying with each character, but instead, simply reading the book aloud. All that said, the book ended in such a way that I believe there will definitely be The Accident, part two, as there was no definite conclusion, and even though it was confusing, I would recommend it, especially on a long drive because it will definitely keep you awake!