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Lit: A Memoir

Lit: A Memoir - Mary Karr This is the third book Mary Karr has written about her life. It is not necessary to know anything about her first two to understand this one. Her background and upbringing defy normal reality, but she makes it so easy to read about with her sense of humor and stamina, in the face of the worst situations, that her experiences almost seem commonplace and the people who have been so destructive in her life, do not seem hateful, but rather likable, although terribly flawed.
I found Lit to be a very absorbing book. If the author didn't have that special gift of putting words on paper to draw you into her milieu, without the horrifying effects of it, the book might be near unreadable. Each time you learn about one of her awful life experiences you are flabbergasted, thinking, how could someone survive this? When she does, and goes on to face another even more difficult situation which she somehow muddles through, you are in awe of her strength in the face of the horrifying odds against her.
Mary Karr overcomes the adversity in her life with unbelievable courage and perseverance Her survival is a testimony to her indomitable spirit.