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Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs - Richard Russo I liked the book but there were some times when it felt a bit disjointed because of interchanging time lines and abrupt locale changes. I would lose track of which character I was reading about and what some of the references meant. It is 500+ pages and I did not find it a quick read but certain unexpected common themes connected the characters so well that it made the book very interesting and held my interest enough so that I wanted to finish it! It sometimes got bogged down in excessive dialogue but on the other hand it is that dialogue that so completely introduced me to and involved me with the lives of the characters.
The author may not draw you immediately into the book, but be patient. The characters are developed slowly and deeply so that you really feel you are experiencing their emotions with them. It depicted small town life so realistically with all the problems that one could face, that I could almost visualize the exact location.
I do recommend it as a book you will enjoy reading, slowly, almost like it is a good friend you pick up and sit with when you want to relax.