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Netherland: A Novel

Netherland - Joseph O'Neill I have just finished this tale of a dysfunctional marriage and the challenges it endures as we travel with the characters from London to NYC and back again to London. The main characters approached their lives somewhat abstractedly and I had the feeling that the author attempted to tell the tale in the same way.
The book didn't quite meet my expectations although I didn't dislike it. It traveled back and forth, not only between countries, occasionally using foreign expressions I couldn't understand but also back and forth in time. This was sometimes confusing, making the story choppy and difficult to follow. Often, it got bogged down in what I felt was unnecessary detail.
I felt as if some of the characters were not fully developed and I struggled to imagine them and fill in the missing parts of their lives.
The most interesting parts of the book for me were the nostalgic moments when the streets of my old childhood neighborhood in Brooklyn were mentioned and described, as they are now, which is totally different than when I grew up. The images brought to mind still tickled my memories as I knew the environment intimately.