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The Poacher's Son (Mike Bowditch Mysteries)

The Poacher's Son - Paul Doiron If you like mysteries, this is a great one to read. The tale centers around the Game Warden, Mike Bowditch, and it unfolds in a fast paced way, twisting and turning in many directions that keep you constantly guessing without confusing you. Then, even in the end, it still surprises you.
The characters are varied and well developed. The setting is the Maine wilderness in all its beauty and all its danger. In some books, you tend to forget the names or lose track of the part a character plays, not so in this book. All of the characters that you meet stay with you, in your mind, and you follow their pursuits in an effort to find out "who done it". You often identify with and feel the pain, joy and sadness of their lives and experiences.
The characters deal with many moral, ethical and legal issues as the story evolves. It is about good and bad choices, good and bad parents, plain and simple good and bad people. It is about the way people misjudge each other and often jump to the wrong conclusions, assessing someone's guilt or innocence, based on false values and memories.
The book has something for both men and women. It is in part, a love story, a police story, a mystery, an adventure and a tale about the coming of age for some of the characters with the necessity of facing life with all of its evil and adversities.
The best thing is that, it may be the gift that keeps on giving since it is destined to be a series.