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A Reliable Wife

A Reliable Wife - Robert Goolrick This book will arouse conflicting emotions in its readers. It will create tension in them as the plot surprises them, moving unexpectedly from moment to moment, place to place, scene to scene.
The first chapter sets the stage of this novel. Ralph Truitt is the richest man in town, he is filled with hidden loneliness and seething anger. From the get-go, you can almost feel that the main characters are at cross purposes. Ralph Truitt feels his face betrays him to those around him and Catherine Land believes her face to be her savior, never betraying her true thoughts or emotions.
This is a book which draws you into it from the first page. It poses many questions to the reader as it exposes and explores the effects of the diverse struggles we all face in life. The characters are flawed. Their behavior and purpose is deceitful and violent but in their darkest moments, even the most wretched character finds a moment of discovery when he/she yearns for peace and simplicity, for the joys of life that simple people enjoy, that life which has eluded them. Is there hope for their salvation?
It is a story about characters who are lost in their own depravity, living lives filled with unhappiness reaped from the degradation of their lifestyles. They sometimes seek retaliation and retribution for the misery fate has handed them, risking their own destruction in the process. Can their destiny be altered?
It is a story about deception and consequences. It is a tale of passion and hate, misery and love, poverty and wealth. Can the forces of evil be tamed by the forces of kindness and compassion, forgiveness and love, patience and apology?
This book explores the basest emotions and bares the wickedness of the soul and the fullness of the heart.