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Crow Lake (Today Show Book Club #7)

Crow Lake - Mary Lawson Crow Lake, Mary Lawson
Unknowingly, I read the book twice. After I got a few pages in, I realized it, but my first reading was years ago and the book seemed so interesting that I continued on with it for the second time. I was not disappointed.
It is a tender tale which begins with the memories of a seven year child and progresses over the next twenty years. We watch as problems, arise and are resolved, often with unintended consequences. It is a tale about overcoming disaster, about not letting anything stand in your way if you want it enough. Poverty, tragedy, loss, all of these, in and of themselves, are not deterrents to success but they often breed ignorance and in some instances even violence. Education is the key to moving forward but love, dedication and responsibility trump all else and provide the courage necessary to surmount all of the obstacles placed before them on life’s journey.
It is a book about the effect that just one decision, one mistake of judgment, can have on the rest of your life. It is about accepting what has been handed to you and finding peace within those boundaries. It is about discovering truths about yourself. It is about making lemonade when life hands you lemons. It is about rebuilding and repairing relationships and emotional wounds. It is simply, about life, warts and all.