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Brain Camp

Brain Camp - Susan Kim, Laurence Klavan, Faith Erin Hicks Brain Camp, Susan Kim
This is a weird little science fiction graphic novel for young teenagers. Aliens are trying to save their world by reproducing themselves on earth in the bodies of children.
Parents are encouraged to send their difficult kids to Camp Fielding where they are promised that their children will become geniuses and well behaved. Once there, the children are fed food which tranquilizes them and then they are inoculated with a serum that causes the alien to grow within their bodies. In the meantime, they grow smarter, more talented and more obedient. With some children the program does not work and they become sickened. The aliens look like chickens when they are not fully developed and a large black crowlike creature often looms over the camp.
The hero and heroine are Lucas and Jenna who start out avoiding each other but team up, in the end, to save the campers at Fielding. They develop an antidote to the serum’s effects. They also discover that hormones released when they are with each other, slows the progress of the serum. I feel pretty certain that there will be sequels since the aliens have infiltrated the government and are developing camps in many places. Lucas and Jenna may have to save those campers too!