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The Missing Locket: 1 (Cynthia's Attic)

The Missing Locket: 1 (Cynthia's Attic) - Mary Cunningham Hurray, hurray, for the first time in a very long time, I have read a book I can unequivocally recommend to my grandchild without any reservations. It takes about 1-2 hours to read and it will bring pleasure to any young "tween" reader.
There are no intimations of sex scenes, there are no dirty words with the exception of the use of stupid, once, but it is used rather appropriately. There are no unduly violent scenes. It is a clean, wonderfully, witty fantasy about two good friends, a mysteriously missing locket and a cobwebbed, little used attic with a trunk full of supernatural surprises. It will satisfy any juvenile's need for fantasy, without introducing subjects that are inappropriate for them. It is creative and imaginative.
The story is about two 12 year old best friends, Augusta (Gus) and Cynthia. They are as close as any two girls can be without being sisters and as Gus would say "as different as broccoli and bubble gum". Their families are just as close. Of the two, Gus is more of a risk taker than Cynthia but Cynthia often can be persuaded to join in her escapades. This book has several adventures including an exciting and scary ocean voyage, which takes place years before the girls were born! How did they get there?
The girls encounter magic, time travel, and friendly ghosts as they solve the problem of a missing relative and a missing locket.
The trunk in this attic is filled with magical surprises.
The best part about this book is that it is the first in a series. There are more of them! Let the child enter the attic and enjoy!