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Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security

Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security - Michael Savage Trickle Up Poverty, Michael Savage

Well, I would not recommend this book to any Liberal without a very open mind, without the ability to look at both sides of all issues with an unbiased eye. Some Conservatives may find points of disagreement. Libertarians will probably be most happy.
I found that the book, in large part, repeated the message Michael Savage expounds when I have listened to him on the radio. Although there was little new information, in a little more than three hundred pages, he provides more details about the beliefs he holds and if you can connect the dots he wishes you to follow, you will wind up agreeing with his assessment of President Obama, his staff and his associates. I am not sure that he proved all of his salient points but he does provide an impressive array of evidence, if not actual facts, to back up his accusations. The reader can independently decide whether or not he/she agrees with him because, for sure, Savage espouses individual responsibility and freedom to make unencumbered independent decisions without threats from the government or any other outside strong-arm source.
It is fairly obvious, from the getgo, that Mr. Savage is not a fan of Barack Obama nor is he a fan of his policies or of what he believes are his core beliefs engendered from his background and education at the knees of various hard core Communists, Maoists and/or Socialists, among other things.
Mr. Savage believes Obama is a Marxist-Leninist and an absolute Socialist intent on dismantling America and remaking it into his own world view which would be a country with a government with a ruling class over a working class, a country in decline following the pattern of all countries that have tried his world view which is a path to failure, mediocrity and bankruptcy as far as Savage is concerned and which history has largely proved to be true. Socialism fails, in the long run, and has brought about the decline of those countries that attempted to institute it.
While the book is not complimentary, in many ways, it does clearly outline the reasons he feels this way and he connects the dots for the reader to come to his conclusions, if they agree with his assessments.
I found that like the theory of global warming and creationism, there is not lots of proof for those theories, or for what he says, other than conjecture, innuendo and pure faith but his arguments are plausible and worth reading. One is free to believe what one wishes.
If you believe what he presents to you, you will be afraid of the future that Obama seems to have planned for us. If you choose not to even entertain any of his ideas, you will know less than you should about the possibilities that lie ahead for all of us. If you have information from both sides of the road, you can make an informed decision about what the future will bring depending on who is in charge of the White House. Then you can make an educated decision about what kind of person you would like to elect to serve there for the preservation and greater good of the United States.