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Vixen (The Flappers)

Vixen - Jillian Larkin This is a well written novel about the roaring twenties. It is about a group of teenagers, some of whom were very well heeled, from influential families, who stretched the envelope of acceptable behavior trying to gain independence and freedom. I think of them as pseudo-sophisticates.
While I really found their behavior too extreme, at times, for typical teens, even in the days of the flappers, the book held my interest enough to keep me reading long into the night. I would not recommend it to anyone below the age of 14.
In addition, I was not happy with the message of the book which seemed to be follow your heart no matter whom you hurt, no matter what the consequences, for the only thing that matters is pleasing yourself and getting what you want, what will make you happy. All of the characters were selfish to some extent and some were manipulative and cruel, as well. The majority were arrogant and uppity, pompous and condescending.
However anyone looking for a book that is romantic and exciting, will surely enjoy this. There is some violence, some sexual innuendo, some wanton and drunken behavior and a great deal of foolish misguided choices and decisions to entice the reader who enjoys that kind of subject matter. There are gangsters and socialites. The book covers many controversial topics, prohibition, adultery and infidelity, interracial relationships and injustice, lying, pregnancy before marriage, politicians and the mob and its influence with its concomitant corruption. There is also a thread of innocence and gullibility which often guides the characters and leads them to make uninformed and dangerous decisions.
It is the first in a series and so there are many questions left unanswered at the end. The loose ends will make you want to rush out and buy the next one as soon as it is published.