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The Ghost War

The Ghost War  - Alex Berenson, George Guidall This is one action packed spy novel. Listening to it from an audio book, I appreciated the reader’s ability to go from one accent to another as characters in the book came from varied countries in the Far East and Russia, as well as the United States. This book is chock full of sub plots as evidenced by the fact that there are 10 cd’s.

If you are taking a long car ride, a road trip somewhere, this is the book to take. It will keep your mind jumping from the constant suspense and yet the plot is realistic; there are plausible possibilities that something like this could actually occur if diabolical minds were intent on causing world catastrophes with the ultimate goal of gaining more power.

John Wells is the ultimate spymaster. Fearless and brave, he is nevertheless, an enigma. Will he prevent the crisis from bringing about a war or will he be the victim of his own courage and dedication to the cause of freedom.

China is joining forces with Iran, helping them to attain nuclear power while using North Korea to incite an incident with the United States so that an unscrupulous minister in China can ascend to the top of his party and become, in his mind, even better than MAO. Although his motives are to supposedly to help advance the cause of the Chinese people, his arrogance about his own worth propels him forward and poisons his efforts. The Chinese spy network seems far superior to ours as does their powers of logic and deduction in a crisis.

Even Russia is involved in this master plot, since they are represented immersed in the struggle for world domination, using North Korea and Iran to help China against the United States. Who will be the next superpower?

Actually, the United States seems woefully underrepresented in the smarts department, in this book. They seem like bunglers, so impressed with their own success and power that they make foolish decisions that don’t seem well thought out and therefore end in failure. Of course it is a novel, so the author can write it anyway he wishes and in the end, his hero will win out regardless of whether or not his skills are superior.

As an audio book, to keep you awake and always guessing, this fills the bill. It is not rocket science, but it sure is entertaining.