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The Secret Soldier (A John Wells Novel)

The Secret Soldier - Alex Berenson If you want to listen to an audio book on a long drive from New York to Florida, this is the book to choose. It is an exciting novel. The action bounces from the US to the Middle East. An ex CIA agent is doing clandestine work for the Saudi royal family. There is a plot afoot to turn the US against Saudi Arabia in order to start a war, destabilize the region and bring about the caliphate.
It holds your attention so it will keep you alert but it is not for the faint of heart. Violence abounds and there are some gratuitous sex scenes. They seemed to have no other purpose but to titillate the reader. There are graphic descriptions of some methods of fanatic Islamic justice which were not easy to hear. The imagery was too clear. When it ended, I had the feeling a sequel was coming for the hero ex CIA agent.