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From the Ashes

From the Ashes - Jeremy Burns Initially, the novel seemed as if it would be too violent for me to read, but after the early scenes of murder, the book turned into the quintessential mystery! It was exciting and tense. It held my attention fast. I downloaded this book from Barnes and Noble to my computer Nook app. It was a Free Friday offering, and it is a book I would recommend to all those who love spy novels, especially those with underlying government conspiracies.

The book begins in 1957, with the unexpected suicide of a government agent, but it harkens back to the early 1930’s, when the secret government agency called the Division is created to ostensibly stop the spread of Communism. Unfortunately, the method it chooses to do this backfires, and their plan and its outcome must be hidden forever to prevent a scandal of major worldwide proportions from developing. Originally launched by Henry Lewis Stimson, Secretary of State to President Hoover, with the funds of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., this clandestine plan and agency is forced to perpetuate itself to protect the secret of their involvement. To accomplish this, the Division eliminated anyone who could possibly expose them, and often innocent people were simply outright murdered by the government because a hint of the folly was suggested. There was one fly in the ointment, however, that they could not control; no matter how many people were eliminated, they had never found the documents that were signed by Rockefeller and Stimson and secreted away by Rockefeller, for protection. The dossiers still existed, and they must be found and finally disposed of so there would no longer be a record of the behavior of this clandestine agency or its historic, heinous involvement regarding World War II.

When Michael Richner is murdered, his broken-hearted fiancée, Mara, and his brother Jon, team up to find out why this innocent, well-loved young man has been killed. The plot thickens when Jon is also attacked in his brother’s apartment, but his report of the incident is not believed by the police. The two take off on their own, fearing for their lives, up against a machine far bigger and more mercenary than they realize, following little clues and finally discovering the secret that The Division has been trying to find for decades. Do they succeed in making it public and bringing it to the attention of the world, finally exposing the truth? In some ways, the details of the tale try your imagination, but the author weaves so powerful a story, that when you question it, it seems believable.

This book feels like it will be a great movie. You will find yourself wondering, is this story about a government out of control or a shadow government, and could this happen or even exist today?