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Poopy Claws

Poopy Claws - Gene Ambaum, Sophie Goldstein Too cute is my description! This is an original story, not about a boy and his dog, but for a change, about a boy and his cat and the age old problem of training a pet. The cover is perfect for the theme of the book but it may cause the reader to wrinkle his nose upon seeing it!

The story is about a young boy and his recalcitrant cat. Both like to be "naughty boys". The cat, however, refuses to use his litter box, and resolving that problem is the theme of the book. I can see the grins and hear the laughter and chuckles coming from readers of all ages. I picture the book on a coffee table, bathroom shelf or in a mature child's bookcase to be read when one needs a respite from life's troubles and wants simply, to be amused.

It is a very easy book to read with illustrations that complement the dialogue, although some feel a bit larger than life since they would not be what I would consider totally child friendly. Also, at times, the pictures are overpowering and it feels like there are more illustrations than words, but it is, in fact, a graphic novel! That said, I think adults would find this book highly entertaining, especially cat lovers, and children will identify with the mischievous behavior of the boy and his cat. I know it made me smile as I read it, and I don't even own a cat!

I received this book as a promotional copy from an advertisement on Shelf Awareness. The author calls it a graphic novel. The author does not specify any age range, but because it contains a lot of sarcasm, I don't think it is for the very young child. Also, there are some inferences which would be inappropriate for a small child without adult guidance.