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Why Are Jews Liberals?

Why Are Jews Liberals? - Norman Podhoretz This is a really interesting book tracing the reasons Jewish people are bent toward the liberal philosophy rather than conservative philosophy of politics, although it is sometimes counterproductive to do so.
Part of the reason is that they chose what seemed the lesser evil of the two. More democratic environments eventually gave them freedom to coexist in the society, although only in so far as they served a useful purpose..while the more conservative environments did not even acknowledge their right to exist.
It seems to be ingrained into their gene pool, almost like a family trait, handed down from generation to generation...as the parents go, so go the children. In today's modern world, it would seem that the conservative goals are more in tune with their beliefs but it is hard for them to make the jump from one to the other and so they often do not vote in their own best interests but in order to seem less selfish and more assimilated, they vote with the prevailing empathetic group rather than the more realistic one.
Also, the countries which had more of a dictatorship often ran them out of town or used them as scapegoats making them the enemy responsible for all of their woes while the countries that encouraged social equality, recognized the positive effects they had on their environment and often gave them access, although it was limited and highly controlled.
The author is very learned and well written, He puts pen to paper with an eye to educate the reader but sometimes assumes more of a knowledge than the reader has and causes a bit of confusion making the reading of the book a bit choppy at times.