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Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dreams of a Socialist America

Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dreams of a Socialist America (Audio) - Michael Savage, Pete Larkin From the beginning, the book attempts to lure the reader into accepting Obama's shortcomings and abuses of power. The facts presented do need to be checked out, since some of the accusations and suppositions are quite alarming. Another issue which was unnerving, however, was that Savage's own ego appears to be in conflict here, with Obama's.
In Trickle Down Tyranny, Savage spends a good deal of time taking Obama’s administration apart, in order to expose his underlying socialist agenda. He concentrates a great deal on the effect George Soros and Saul Alinsky have had on his philosophy and success. His belief is that Obama’s Presidency will have an ultimately dreadful negative impact on America, reversing it from a position of greatness and power to that of a paper tiger.
Whether or not you agree with him, is not important. He proves many of his points, because in retrospect, they were prophetic. However, the very nature of the book made it obsolete, once printed, since most of the information is no longer current. As examples, although he speaks about rising oil prices, they are, today, coming down. Also, the Fast and Furious investigation is still ongoing, as he wrote, being stalled for political purposes, but not by the right. He feels it is being stonewalled by the left, so that the truth doesn’t come out until after the election.
He does prove the point, with substantial facts, that this President will do most anything to get elected and will make promises he may not intend to keep to please any and all groups that show support for him. This theory has borne out, as he recently circumvented Congress with his executive order providing a temporary immigration fix, simply to garner the Hispanic vote. It is not a theory; it is a fact, that many on the left are willing to admit and tout, as great politics. He will also go after and attack those who do not support him, proven by the constant reissuing of suits and investigations against the CIA agents who helped in operation Desert Storm, or the border agents, or state’s that disagree with his policies or Gibson, t he company that produces guitars. It is a purposeful policy that is provable. Savage suggests that he is anti-business and anti-Israel, perhaps even anti-Semitic. Savage does present factual information to support these theories. They are theories, however. Other facts, however, are connected by dots that I had difficulty connecting without further research. Many are simply his suppositions from information he has gathered and assumed factual.
The book is very repetitious and many pages are unnecessary as Savage introduces a subject and then announces he will explain it in another chapter. He does this often and it is distracting. At one point, I simply went to that chapter instead of having to be reminded over and over again that it would be discussed later on. It seemed like a foolish tactic to fill pages and make the book longer than warranted.
Savage is guilty of the same hubris and arrogance he accuses President Obama. He believes he has the one right way and if only we would listen to him, all could be right with the world. I believe that kind of narcissism, even in brilliant men, is dangerous. The ability to manipulate people to follow one’s ideas, with words and presentation, does not necessarily make a leader exemplary, it merely makes them good speakers, good orators, even great actors with an affinity for the world stage, or perhaps, just possibly, the greatest community organizer, and nothing more.