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Ling & Ting: Not Exactly the Same! (Horn Book Fanfare List (Awards))

Ling & Ting: Not Exactly the Same! - Grace Lin I registered for this book because in a few months I will become a grandmother to twin girls. As a twin myself, although fraternal, I can easily identify with the issues a twin faces growing up. There is a need to be one's own person. For identical twins, individuality is an even greater concern.
Ling and Ting is an absolutely adorable childrens book about identical twin girls who seem to have surmounted those problems! This book simply, but touchingly, explores the ways a charming pair of girls works things out between themselves so that they each feel special in their own way. This is the sweetest little book about twins finding their own place in life.
The book is comprised of six chapters which can either be read together as one story or each chapter can readily stand alone. It would be a perfect book, reading one chapter at a time, to read to a child before bed. The book would also be suitable for young children who are just learning to read, to read by themselves. There are no complicated issues that require further explanation by an adult. The pictures are simple and colorful. They are expressive and pose no negative images. The content is appropriate for young children. It is a happy book that will make children smile.
Through simple tasks and shared experiences, each story shows the girls finding a way to declare their own self worth and a way to be happy with each other, accepting their similarities and differences. The little stories are amusing, yet sensitive to the feelings of each child. Because there are moral lessons about togetherness, cooperation, and sharing, I think the book would not only be good for twins, but for siblings and only children, since it shows how any two children, who are not always the same and who sometimes disagree, can get along beautifully because they care about each other.