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Not one of the best!

Agent Running In The Field - John le Carré

Agent Running in the Field, John LeCarre, author and narrator

I have always enjoyed Le Carre’s novels. This one is an exception. After listening to half the book with my husband, and struggling to make sense of it, we both agreed, the book was going nowhere. Essentially, it is about an agent working for the British Intelligence Service who is aging out of his career. Nat believed he would soon be terminated, but he was instead thrown a lifeline and given the opportunity to resurrect a defunct London office. His badminton games with Ed, another agent, are a major theme, along with his dislike of President Trump.

I have no interest in reading a bash Trump book, especially one that is slow. Therefore, once again, I have decided to do something I find myself doing more and more often, recently, something I never considered doing in the past. I have decided not to finish the book. It is slow and tedious and does not invite me back. There is too little time to read all of the books being mass produced today, to stick with a book I do not love. I am moving on.

In addition, the author should have hired a professional reader. Perhaps the tone and expression would then have been more encouraging and would have better interpreted the dialogue.