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A wonderful reimagined life for the minor goddess, Circe

Circe - Madeline Miller

Circe, Marilyn Miller, author; Perdita Weeks, narrator

In this re-imagined story of the Greek goddess Circe, Marilyn Miller has done a wonderful job of bringing her to life. The narrator is superb, as she uses different voices and stress points to make each character unique. I studied Greek mythology in College, many years ago, and her presentation evoked many pleasant memories for me. I really enjoyed listening to it and remembering the history it portrayed of Troy and Sparta, the Titans and the Olympians. I remembered and re-imagined with her, all of the heroes, heroines, and villains, that I had once loved reading about. Although she was considered a minor goddess, Circe’s interactions with Odysseus, Athena, Daedalus, Prometheus, Hermes, Zeus, the Cyclops, Trident, Helios, Scylla, Penelope, the Sirens, and many more, were fascinating.

The relationship between the gods, goddesses and mortals was very creative, as was her handling of mysterious events during that time. Her interpretation of their bitterness and vengeful behavior was illuminating. People in modern times are sometimes as arrogant and petty, vindictive and unforgiving toward each other. The pride and arrogance sometimes resulted in remorse but in most cases the behavior simply proved how unrewarding and detrimental it could be. It was difficult to trust mortals or the gods.

The gods had no interest in mortals other than to use them as playthings, to be toyed with and then disposed of, but in some rare cases, some of the gods were kinder. To most, humans held no real value, though. The lesser gods, had less power and they had to be more clever or use magic and witchcraft to better their superiors who even chose to punish them. Imagine a punishment that lasted into eternity…the torture, the torment, the hopelessness. gods and goddesses were immortal and simply existed to please themselves. Any who defied or broke the rules paid dearly.

If you loved the Greek classics, you will love Miller’s reinterpretation of Circe.