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Very Disappointing!

The City of Mirrors: A Novel (Book Three of The Passage Trilogy) - Justin Cronin, Scott Brick

This is part three of a series. I had really looked forward to the conclusion. Part one “The Passage” and part two “The Twelve” were excellent. This last book in the series “The City of Mirrors” left a lot to be desired. After listening to more than 7 hours of a 28+ hour audio, I gave up. I hate to give up on books, and yet, recently, I have had to because they were just not engaging enough to invest more time.

The narrator of this book, Scott Brick, has been excellent in all others that I have listened to by him. In this one, he droned and over-emoted, and quite honestly, I am not sure whether or not it was the narrative or the narrator, but I actually fell asleep more than once and had to backtrack several times.

There was so much background given, and so much detail and description provided about a character “Zero”, or Dr. Fanning, who started the whole virus that infected the world, that it mind-numbing! My husband and I listened to the first two with interest and were completely engaged, but both of us looked at each other and gave up the effort at the same time. Once again, I apologize to the author, but I think it was too long and too detailed and often entered the realm of a teenage/YA fantasy or sci-fi book, rather than a book that could please adults and young adults. It stretched credibility beyond my ability to suspend disbelief.